Meet the women leading a sex revolution for seniors

Sex after 70 has never been better.

“We were having such a glorious sex life that I didn’t understand why this was such a hush-hush topic.” says Joan Price a high school English teacher for 22 years. She was divorced and never had kids. It wasn’t until she was 57–decades after any Hollywood rom-com director would think it possible–that she met the 64-year-old man who would sweep her off her feet.

“They were all gloom and doom … You’ve dried up, forget about it, and play bingo … I didn’t have grandchildren or play bingo, but I did have a great sex life.” – Joan Price

Price is the energetic face offering practical sex advice to seniors who don’t lose their libidos just because they’ve been on this earth a little bit longer than the rest of us.

Price’s core, practical teaching, if she has one, is to urge people to draw no distinction between penetrative and non-penetrative sex. Because while many seniors can continue having traditional intercourse, others can’t, and they should just learn to work around that hurdle. She is quick to point out that sex toys–while often imagined for the young and kinky–are actually useful tools for overcoming the practical challenges of sex and aging.

A sex toy brand called Hot Octopuss developed a vibrator for men that can wrap around a penis, even when flaccid. Its hands-free stimulation can actually give some men orgasms without erections. At the same time, its outer shell can vibrate for a partner, allowing a couple to grind to climax together. This sort of tool is right in Price’s wheelhouse–just the sort of thing she would want to promote to her readers–because it enables sex without intercourse.

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(photo: Hot Octopuss)

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