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‘Cowgirl’ is much more than a sex position

it’s the ride of your sex life if you know how.

For a position that seemingly everyone’s heard of, it takes a little finesse to ride your way to orgasm.  And there can be a lot of apprehension and questions: What to do with your hands? What do you do when your legs get tired? This article from Cosmo is a good start to learn how to ride your partner like a pro, a master cowgirl.

      1. First you have to learn how to spell the word “Coconut” with your hips (might be the most exciting spelling test you’ve ever had). Included in this article is a link to instructions on winning the coconut spelling bee.
      2. Second, you can practice these 15 different techniques and tips (#2 is “Incorporate lube”).
      3. Third, liberally apply Cowgirl Sex Soss [sponsor] and “take plenty of time to get nice and aroused before penetration.

Who could possibly know more about the cowgirl position than a true cowgirl from the great state of Colorado, USA (the cannabis and hemp capital of the world)? And who better to create the very finest sexual lubricant than a cowgirl? She is none other than the founder of Cowgirl LLC, a woman-owned company dedicate to making the finest hand-crafted all-natural CBD infused health and lifestyle products.

Cowgirl Sex Soss is a CBD spray lubricant that is both a clitoral and penis stimulant. It increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, strengthens orgasms and decreases the time to get to orgasm.

When you learn how to spell ‘coconut’ with your hips you’re going to want to have Cowgirl Sex Soss close at hand.

Try it! You will love the ride.

BTW, before you buy a lube be sure and read our post, “Is Your Sex Lube Full of Toxic Chemicals? and familiarize yourself with the many benefits of natural CBD lubes.

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