Postpartum sex: How soon? How often?

You can be both loving parents and loving sex partners!

There’s a lot to consider. Don’t just jump straight into intercourse. And yes, wait “6 weeks,” as recommended by most doctors. But sex can be much more than penis-in-vagina!

Here’s an excellent article from mindbodygreen by Sarah Regan, Your Guide To Sex & Intimacy After Giving Birth, From Sexual Health Experts. It covers important recommendations from vaginal tenderness and using lubricants (here’s one of our faves, Cowgirl Sex Soss [sponsor]) to sexual play and getting pregnant – again. Yes, you can get pregnant again before your first period.

“Having a baby affects virtually every area of your life, including your sex life. But that doesn’t mean your sex life has to suffer.”

Cowgirl Sex Soss [sponsor]

Speaking of lubricants … CBD lubes are becoming very popular in postpartum sex, as both a sexual lubricant and stimulant. And as the above article points out, lubricants can help in numerous ways. “Because nursing often suppresses ovulation, women typically feel like their libido is less when nursing … [but] it’s still possible to become aroused and have an orgasm; it just may take longer.” From the “hemp and cannabis capital of the world, Colorado, we found one of the best, Cowgirl Sex Soss.

Check’em out – comfortable sex is a click away. And right now, you can get 20% off your first order (code: SEX20).

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