91% of women like receiving oral sex

What’s not to like?

Apparently only 9% of women don’t like something about cunnilingus.

Bad Girl’s Bible did a survey of 1,058 women and the findings offer great insights into women’s world of oral sex.

As part of our research, we also investigated 13 other factors related to receiving cunnilingus to understand what leads to a satisfying experience for the receiver of oral and what should be avoided to prevent a lacklustre time (positions, techniques, duration, etc).

Here’s 3 of 14 summary findings:

  1. 90.9% of women enjoy receiving oral sex.
  2. However, 79.4% of women have had at least one unenjoyable experience when receiving oral sex.
  3. “Bad technique” was selected by 55.9% of women as the leading cause of unsatisfying oral sex.

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