“If he’s sexually satisfied, then …

I’m sexually satisfied. Noooo…!

This attitude among too many women is the height of sexual injustice, sexual inequality.

“Intimate justice asks us to consider who is entitled to engage in an experience. Who is entitled to enjoy it? Who is the primary beneficiary? And how does each partner define “good enough”?

We women have to become the prosecution, judge and jury in the fight for “intimate justice.”

We’ve posted an excellent TEDx talk by Peggy Orenstein (16 min), What young women believe about their own sexual pleasure (a sad state of affairs). Peggy provides a quick candid lesson on why so many young women (and the rest of us) are so fucked up in not taking responsibility for our own sexual pleasure. Why the shame? Why do we think of our genitals as both “sacred and icky?”

This 16 minute talk is a good start in figuring out how we might begin to achieve equality in sexual pleasure.

Then, because so many young women give men oral sex to avoid having to have sexual intercourse, we’ve posted an article and research from Bad Girl’s Bible (one of our fave sites) that might help women follow Peggy Orenstein’s advice and figure out how to better balance the pleasure scales: 92.6% Of Women Like Giving Blow Jobs [1,114 Woman Study].

“The results were fascinating … and sometimes depressing.”

The study reveals why women like & sometimes hate giving blow jobs, how long they like a blow job to last for, what blow job positions are most enjoyable for women, and whether women actually like to swallow at the end of a blow job.

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