Goopy sex wisdom or woo-woo?

Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Netflix show destined to be another ‘vagina steaming’ disaster?

After the gynecological outrage over her debunked ‘vaginal steaming’ practice and her false ‘yoni egg’ claims, we women might want to take her advice with a grain of salt. The one thing about this new series is it involves real couples and their real sexual issues so Gwyneth ‘s role and counsel are more minimal – maybe safer.

There’s really not much new here in the sex advice but you might find comfort – and some insights – in other couples stories (“differing sexual appetites, missing sparks, deep-seated body issues and insecurities”). As the article says, “The real stars of the series are its sexologists.”

“Subtlety is not in this show’s vocabulary.”

First, read this article from Vanity Fair by Savannah Walsh and then decide if you want to tune into the Netflix show (6 episodes completed so far). There’s a trailer at the site.

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