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Better sex with CBD and cannabis!

If Kim Kardashian, Bubba Watson and Martha Stewart’s bulldog use it, it’s probably a “good thing.”

From better sex and better orgasms to relief of stress and pain, CBD and cannabis are faves with hundreds of millions of people wanting to live life more comfortably and have better sex lives (we can’t speak for Martha’s dogs).

If you want to better understand how cannabis and CBD can be a “FWB” in your life then read this New York Times article (8 min)

The cannabis sativa plant is believed to have been first used medicinally around 750 B.C. (a year after the City of Rome was founded), so it has a great track record.

Read New York Times article (8 min) >>

Colorado’s excellent track record

If you want to try CBD go to where the best comes from, Colorado, USA.

Colorado is called “the cannabis and hemp capital of the world” for good reason. And we found an award-winning, naturally hand-crafted product that you should check out: Cowgirl Soss (sponsor). Whether you’re experiencing muscle aches or anxiety or discomfort in sex – or want bigger, better orgasms – you should look into whether CBD lubricants can make a difference for you.

With so many women having so any barriers to unadulterated sexual pleasure and fulfillment, why not look into the best among all possibilities … “more arousal, more wetness, less friction.”

Check out Cowgirl Soss. And get 20% off your first order (code: SEX20) >>

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