Let’s play sex games

This is no ‘Trivial Pursuit,’ it’s a serious pursuit in the game of sex.

“The pandemic left us missing intimacy and play. So I created a game that helped us do both. The game is designed to help us connect and reconnect in a time of social atrophy.” – Esther Perel

At Love & Sexcess we believe knowledge and stories about sex are the key to great communications about sex and that your sex life can reach new heights if you talk more openly and honestly about sex and what you want and need (and don’t).

You can read (watch and listen) your way to a better sex life. And now, with Esther Perel’s new game, you can play your way to better sex.

The game is designed to introduce playfulness and storytelling into your relationship. Because as she says, “Stories are the building blocks of relationships.” Hey, could lead to sharing some fascinating fantasies (nearly 90% of women and men have sexual fantasies).

At $40 this game might be the best investment you make in your sexual communications, not to mention your sex life.

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