Guys don’t understand female orgasms!

And many don’t even try to get better.

Men’s orgasms are a sprint, women’s a marathon.

We don’t know how George Clooney is in bed (Yeah, yeah … but fantasies don’t count) but we do know most men don’t know much about the female orgasm and how to help make it the most exquisite, blissful, wondrous, mind-blowing experience it can be. Many don’t even try to learn by reading books and articles about our orgasms – TL:DR. Too often, we’re on our own.

Time to learn. It’s never too late for your guy to stop watching from the sidelines and start exploring the wondrous world of your orgasms. Read. Watch. Listen!

Here’s a good place to start, an article from Cosmo: 10 Things Guys Don’t Understand About Female Orgasms. Too often, men are like kids on an Easter egg hunt, not truly knowing what to look for, where to go, and what to do. So, they just rush in, get what they can, come, and then run … or roll over and go to sleep.

“Don’t cut your losses and fake one, make it happen.”

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