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46% of couples are into more sexual bondage and experimentation!

Pursuing post-pandemic sexual adventure is expanding!

“46% say they’re engaging in more sexual experimentation.” – Kinsey Report.

So tie him up – and vice versa!

Here’s an article from Insidehook by Kayla Kibbe (one of our faves), “Why You Should Let Your Partner Tie You Up,” that just might open up your mind, body and sexual well-being to more adventure.

Why not?

Kinsey has done a post-pandemic national survey that has some great insights into our ever-changing sexual interests. One thing that jumped out at us was that “46% say they’re engaging in more sexual experimentation.”

That’s good news for so many of us who are stuck “antiquated gender norms” that stop us from being more adventurous and pursuing our fantasies and deep sexual needs.

Bondage and other “introductory” acts of BDSM are going more mainstream and allowing women’s sexual empowerment to grow. The operating principle for what is becoming a majority of female bondage practitioners is, ‘Don’t get tied up, tie him up.’

“It [bondage] can be a very freeing experience. It can be a very cathartic experience. It can be very relaxing.” – Fred Hatt, bondage instructor.

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Cowgirls know all about roping and bondage


Cowgirl Soss is one of our preferred sponsors and who better than a cowgirl knows all about bondage – roping, knotting, hog-tying. And our Cowgirl certainly knows a thing-or-two about sexual well-being.

Tonya Laden and her cowboy partner co-founded Cowgirl Soss and are building a company dedicated to providing natural organic, plant-based products and methods for sustainable self-care and health care. With headquarters in Colorado, USA, “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” their mission comes from a deep attachment to western independence, feminism, freedom and empowerment.

Of course, Cowgirl Sex Soss is our fave but they have created more than half-a-dozen CBD based products that can provide many benefits in both your sex life and life in general.

If you’re going to adventure into a little bondage and BDSM, we recommend both Sex Soss – for longer, stronger orgasms – and Muscle Melt – for any soreness you might experience from being tied up in the wonders of sexual bondage.

You might discover that Cowgirl Soss and BDSM are natural sex partners.

Ask for it at your local cannabis retailer and if they don’t have it shop at their online store. Get 20% off your first online order (code: SEX20) >>

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