Beginner’s night at a sex club – you in?

Roman is probably in, are you?

If anyone would go to a luxury sex club it would be Roman Roy from the HBO blockbuster, Succession. Of course, the show is fiction and so is Roman but … the number of people going to luxury sex clubs is increasing like … well, Succession’s ratings. Through the roof.

“They need to come out of their shells, to feel safe experimenting sexually.”

Sex Clubs used to be taboo but since more people are becoming sexually adventurous post-covid lock downs the Sex Club business is booming. We found an informative article at InsideHook that sheds some light on why people are flocking to sex clubs.

Learn more about the luxury Sex Club, NSFW (New Society For Wellness) that is cloaking sex in an atmosphere and language of luxury and wellness (“enlightenment,” “exploration”). Something must be right because they have over 6,000 members (online and in person) with locations expanding from New York to Miami and Washington D.C. and more.

NSFW does have a member’s subscription (check online) and a “code of conduct,” and they sell lots of merchandise. Hey, you can even buy a T-shirt with an image of Batman going down on Catwoman – love the female empowerment!

Who knows, maybe Roman (aka Kieran Culkin) goes there?

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