What do singles really want? Don’t laugh!

 83% want emotional maturity.

“Emotional maturity is the new sexy.”

Looking for emotional maturity might be a laughing matter for Jennifer Aniston but it’s not for the majority of singles (let’s face it, after two tries she’s single again and knows how important emotional maturity can be).

“Singles in America” are changing – growing and maturing – and the number one trait they want in a partner is “emotional maturity” – not “physical attractiveness” (down 12%) and … get this! They say they now find sex less important.

This is all post-pandemic. A time when we’ve had time to think about the kind of relationships we want. And there are lots of surprises.

This year’s “Singles in America” study by Matchreveals some fascinating facts about how singles are viewing their love and sex relationships after the upheaval of the pandemic.

Here’s a sampling:

  • 84% want someone they can trust and confide in
  • 84% want someone they can communicate their wants and needs
  • 83% want someone open-minded and accepting of differences
  • 62 say they are more interested [now] in finding a meaningful, committed relationship
  • Only 11% want to date casually – so much for the hookup culture.

An important note, Get vaccinated. “80% of vaccinated singles want their partners to be vaccinated too.”

This excellent study covers everything from changing romantic and sexual relationships to changing ethnicity dating preferences and how long to wait to have sex and sex toy preferences.

It’s a goldmine of romantic and sexual information – for the intellectually and sexually curious minds that want to advance their “emotionally mature.”

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