Want sex? Get vaccinated!

80% of vaccinated singles want their partners to be vaccinated.

In difficult times (pandemics) some people suck it up, toughen up, grow and mature, others don’t. American singles have!

Yesterday we posted about a national study by @match on American Singles and how they are viewing sex after the pandemic. There were several particular issues that stood out to us, none more so than the attitude on sex and vaccinations. Here are a few fascinating facts:

♦️ 73% of singles are vaccinated, compared to 64% of the US population.
♦️ 80% of vaccinated singles want their partners to be vaccinated too.
♦️ 58% of singles are unlikely to have sex with an unvaccinated partner.
♦️ 54% of singles are unlikely to consider an unvaccinated person for a romantic relationship.
♦️ 48% of singles think people who are unvaccinated are selfish.

And there is much more on everything from single men’s support of #MeToo and their decreased interest in post-pandemic sex to video dates and opinions on dating people of different races and ethnicity.

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