Sex and the City + And Just Like That are Dangerous to Women’s Sex.

The original Sex and the City was bad enough but now we have to filter our way through the sequel, And Just Like That to avoid getting caught up (again) in the twisted shadows between women’s real-life and fiction.

“I was hoping for more middle-aged straight talk from And Just Like That.” – Marsha Lederman

Of course, fiction provides much needed escape and distraction from real-life and the sexual candor in the first series probably helped empower many women. But blatant fake is the last thing we need – fuck, we’ve got enough of it in real-life. Unfortunately, fictional stories have a way of pulling us into the dark corners of our need to believe and hope, which can become dangerous to our health and well-being. Especially when it comes to relationships and sex, where our self-respect is in a continual battle with fake hope and expectations. (Fake hope and expectations are the definition of these two series).

These fictional friends, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte – and previously Samantha – turn truth and reality on its head and turn women’s romantic and sexual relations into the big lie they too often are. Carrie’s life as a freelance writer living the ‘good life’ in New York is bullshit – from her sexy pumps to her too-expensive apartment (ever priced a 600 square foot box in NY?).

And here we go again! Fake is rampant in the new version, And Just Like That. In real-life, 40-something is more likely to be the mid-life crisis and the struggle of bringing up kids, bringing down weight, pushing careers and fighting fading libidos and sexual fulfillment.

Once again, “just like that,” we women have another fictional distraction that reminds us too much of what “what isn’t” versus “what is.”

Shut off the damn TV and read a good book – erotic fiction or an informative sex manual – and learn more about how wonderful mid-life, 40-something love and sex can be.

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