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Give your clitoris the gift of knowledge.

Hallelujah to the man (and woman) who gets a Master’s Degree in “Clitorology.”

Who wouldn’t want a master’s degree in love-making? Any man (or woman) who does not is not a true lover, and never will be. It starts with Clitoris 101.

“Understand the strokes, the repetition and the speed, and the pressure that she needs to get turned on.”

Becoming Cliterate is the name of a bestselling book by Dr. Laurie Mintz and we highly recommend it (see book review). But if you don’t have time to read a book right now but want to kick-start your mastering the marvelous clitoris, then read this excellent article: Understanding The Clitoris: Your 101 Guide To Passing Female Anatomy With Flying Colors.

The article from AskMen by Lindsay Tigar is a quick study and it’s full of ‘dos and don’ts, facts and tips, and revealing illustrations and explicit descriptions – from fingering and squirting to sex toys and lubes. It won’t get you a master’s degree, yet, but there’s enough to get you a passing grade if you’re ready to do the homework and practice.

The truth is that most of us – clit owners and visitors – barely achieve a passing grade when it comes to being “cliterate,” let alone earning a master’s degree. Anyone who wants to reach the highest levels of sexual mastery has to start with the mysterious and magical clitoris. This article is chock-a-block full of information and knowledge and well worth the investment of your time – and his! Hell, it might even get you into the book, which can definitely get you a master’s degree in clitorology.

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