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“I have never had an orgasm.” – Sherry

“I am afraid to have an orgasm.” – Denise.

“For me there’s a lot of shame wrapped up in this topic.”

“I’m excited and I’m also terrified.”

“I’ve spent my whole life running the other way. And I’m ready to stop doing that.”

How do you stop thinking?

Over half of all women say they have “some kind of difficulty with sex” (British National survey) – over half! Unacceptable!

The most reassuring thing to be said is: It doesn’t have to be this way!

Only 57% women aged 18-40 usually climax during sex with a male partner. That’s 43% not having an orgasm when they want one.

You are not alone

Some women are having “orgasm interventions” like the ones held at Toronto’s “Good For Her” sex store (see article). Here’s a raw, honest, reality-check in an excellent article by Sarah Barmak, How Not to Have an Orgasm. These women’s stories and the statistics are eye-popping, eye opening, sad and … in need of being shared and talked about much more.  Every women who would like to have a better sex life should read this and understand, first, that she’s not alone, and secondly, how important it is to do something about it.

It does not have to be this way. Knowledge and understanding are the an orgasm’s best friend with benefits! This is on us girls!

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