New Year’s Resolution:

“I resolve to change my dating and fucking habits, forever!”

If anyone knows about dating and fucking it’s Serena Kerrigan @serenakerriganofficial (we make an assumption on the latter), the Instagram icon behind the letsfuckingdate phenomenon. Millions watched her date 50 guys over Instagram Live. She’s a truly empowered woman.

“Quarantine’s New Must-Watch.” Let’s Fucking Date.” – The Today Show

So in making your New Year’s Resolutions about dating and fucking, we want to offer some insights from the real sex experts at Kinsey Institute. They collaborated with Esquire and Cosmo last winter to investigate peoples’ plans for post-pandemic sex (obviously, we haven’t yet reached “post-pandemic” times).

From this study, we’ve selected three fascinating numbers that just might help you in making New Year’s resolutions that you can keep longer than … a month.

Three takeaways

  1. 42% of respondents say they are more likely to ask potential partners about their physical health before consenting to sex. Resolution: I resolve to always ask anyone that I am considering dating or fucking about their physical health, especially their Covid status (Have you had it? Are you vaccinated?); Plus their commitment to a physically healthy sexual relationship.
  2. 46% of respondents say they’re engaging in more sexual experimentation. Resolution: I resolve to expand my sexual horizons and explore and experiment more.
  3. 64% are less interested in having more than one partner at a time. Resolution: I resolve to move up and out of the “age of Tinder” and develop more committed relationships (44% feel commitment itself is more important than before).
  4. To achieve all of the above – Resolution: I resolve to increase my knowledge and understanding of all things related to living a life of fulfilling sex.

The numbers don’t lie

Post-pandemic, almost half – sometimes more than half – of the people are resolved to having healthier, more committed and more experimental sexual relationships. So if we can’t resolve to grow and improve our relationships and sex lives then the field of opportunity is going to be noticeably more limited.

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