Great sex at 20 can be bad sex at 40!

Unless you know and talk a lot about sex.

That’s a good point! In fact, there are many points that are so important to know if you want to have a fulfilling sex life throughout your life.

If you know and understand yourself and sex, you can better explore and discover the magnificent journey of sex. And we’ve found a wonderful and revealing quiz that provides many helpful insights.

Dr. Batsheva Marcus has a online quiz (and a great book, Sex Points) that makes many critical sex points that will help you know yourself and sex much better – and shed light on where you are on the spectrum between “bad sex” and “great sex” – and why?

We’ve posted a short article from PsychCentral, Doing It Regularly: Talking About Sex that includes Dr. Batsheva Marcus and a link to a 30-minute podcast interview with her, Is Sex a Skill We Are Born With?

Plus, we’ve posted a link to her online quiz (6-10 minutes depending on how well you know your sexual-self). And there’s much more to learn at her website.

Read more at PsychCentral (podcast link in article) (5 min) >>

Online quiz (6-10 min) >>

Another important point

So much of the “bad sex” we have has nothing to do with not doing it ‘right,’ rather it’s about not knowing enough about what’s best for us. And for so many of us it’s a question of being comfortable. You know, everything from mental stress and low libido to the voice in our head and the physical discomfort down below. Well … we’ve found one possible solution, which millions of women have discovered and millions more have not.

Cowgirl Sex Soss

CBD and the wonders of cannabis have changed many women’s (and men’s) sex life. We want you to be aware of the possibilities – more arousal, more lubrication, more orgasms – all, as we like to say, in a bottle. Cowgirl Sex Soss (sponsor), from “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world, Colorado USA,” is to sex what Aladdin’s lamp is to magic.

The world is learning more and more about the magic of CDB, and the point we want to make is that it’s worth looking into. One little bottle could be all the magic you need.

Check out Cowgirl Sex Soss and get 20% off your first order (code SEX20). BTW, we do not get commissions.

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