Aging is no longer a dirty word!

Beauty, sex and sapiosexuality can be a woman’s domain no matter her age!

“I love my neck wrinkles! I think they’re awesome!” – Paulina Porizkova

At age 56, Paulina Porizkova is standing up, speaking out, expressing and exploring what all women should, no matter their age, their inherent beauty and sexuality.


We’re coining a new designation, Sexoomers.

Sexoomers are women in the cultural categories of Gen-Xers and Boomers (40-70+), and we’re standing up in support of Paulina and other women [Jane Fonda (83), Elizabeth Hurley @elizabethhurley1 (56), Helena Christensen (56) @helena_christensen_official_p – and all Gen-Xers and Boomers] – all of us who don’t accept that “aging is a dirty word.”

From our perspective, sexual fulfillment is a life journey and sex does not roll over and go to sleep after we’re 40 … or 50 or 60 or 70. Unless we let a culture that’s obsessed with youth, equate a woman’s age and sexuality with invisibility. (We’ve posted an article in LA Magazine @lamag that explains the insidious reality).


We’re joining the growing battle – led by @paulinaporizkova, @janefonda and others on the frontlines of Instagram – against ageism. Join us. And read up and catch up on what’s happening.

Embrace the beauty of your age

Catch Paulina’s simple insight in this brief video interview with @amandadecadenet on Twitter (51 secs) and read the story  in LA Magazine that sets out the craziness of Hollywood, TV and the media and the stupid marketing economics of the problem (12 min) >>

Sapiosexual: A footnote about aging

Paulina and so many women who embrace aging (we’re all aging) fall under the definition of one of our favorite words:

Sapiosexual (noun): a person finding intelligence sexually attractive and arousing.

Sapiosexuality aligns with the principle that beauty is much more than skin deep and aging continually enhances our sexually attractive intelligence and wisdom. Just ask Jane Fonda (now age 83)

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