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“There’s still life in the old broad.”

If any woman knows anything about “life in the old broad,” it’s Jane Fonda!

Jane is 83 and going strong – and getting better. Here’s a 2 minute video that should be an inspiration to any woman from teenager to octogenarian.

“It’s great to know there’s still life in the old broad. You know your body, you know what you want, you’re not afraid to ask for it, as you were when you were younger.”

Watch the video (2 min).

Then  watch her 2018 movie, The Book Club about four women exploring the novel, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Then read Jane’s earlier book, My Life So Far (published when she was in her late fifties).

Then you just might embrace your aging sexuality and enjoy being a “Sexoomer” a lot more.

Video (2 min)

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