The best sex of your life may still be to come!

45% of women have better sex as they age.

Like a good wine, sex can get better with age and sex after 50 is to be savored as you explore all its delicious tastes and flavors.

According to a survey conducted by sex toy company LELO, 45 percent of adults report having better sex as they’ve aged. Most are having less sex now than in their youth – most cited their 30s as their sexual peak in terms of frequency [but] one in eight Americans over 50 report still having sex five times a week. [Read that again].

BTW, Christine Baranski (aka Diane Lockhart) is 69 years of age.

We’ve posted a great article that’s worth reading no matter your age, Adults Over 50 Are Still Having Plenty of (Good) Sex. As one of our fave writers, @kay_kibbe says, “Old people still have sex. In fact, they might be having the best sex of their lives.”

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