Let us introduce you to a real cowgirl.

one who has given a lot of thought to your sexual pleasure and well-being, not just TV binge-watching.

We’ve met a real cowgirl with a real story to tell. And she’s from Colorado, not a fictional Yellowstone Ranch in Montana.

We’d like to introduce you.


Tonya Laden and her partner Paul Barrow are the co-founders of Cowgirl Soss™ [sponsor] a Colorado  based cannabinoid health and wellness company. They have a deep attachment to western independence, freedom, feminism, naturalism and women’s sexual empowerment. They’re our kind of stars. Actually,  they “playfully call themselves ‘cowgirl’ and ‘cowboy'” because of their roots, but in reality they are hard-working parents who have discovered the wonder, promise and love of a second-time-around marriage – a great foundation for all things sexual.

They’ve created a exquisite line of natural, organic, plant-based – did we mention award-winning – CBD products that benefit many of your health and wellness needs: Sore muscles, joint pain, poor sleep, stress, and most important to our followers, Sex Soss™! Many customers say, “I won’t have sex without it.” It’s that good!

As we said, before you ‘mount up again’ – sexually speaking – you might want to give some thought to how to improve the ride, from smoother, wetter, hotter to stronger, longer, better. Get started by browsing the Cowgirl Soss shop. Right now, you can claim 20% off your first order (code: SEX20) >>

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