Naked yoga in your own home. Beautiful!

“It just feels so honest.”

“Taking my clothes off on Instagram has been one of the best things I’ve done.” @laurenrudick

Here’s a quick story of a woman who says, “Recent struggles and setbacks left me in a major funk” and naked yoga was “so incredibly empowering. I felt strong and beautiful.”

We’ve posted her article with ‘how-does-she-do-that?’ poses, plus a promotional piece for True Naked Yoga that offers you the opportunity to “try naked yoga from the privacy of our own home, while also providing inspiring instructional videos.”

Watch True Naked Yoga’s short – might we add, beautiful – video (90 sec). And check out their library full of videos created by experienced instructors for all levels of yogis. They offer a free trial and very reasonable online memberships [BTW, they are not a sponsor].

Read article at Elephant Journal by @laurenrudick (2 min) >>

Watch @true_naked_yoga video (90 sec) >>


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