After-50, ‘circular sex’ can be endless bliss

with no goal, no end point, no orgasm, no ‘failure.’

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect circle’ but circular sex is designed to move you toward sexual perfection.

Orgasms are not the end game of sex, especially with after-50 sex.

Here’s an article that just might get you past the “orgasm imperative.” Unscripting Sex for More Connection and Pleasure (7 min) explains the concept of circular sex in wonderful detail. It’s the way it should always be – especially in the prime of our lives, after-50.

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Here’s sex after-50’s best friend

Okay, okay, our partner is truly our best friend. But when it comes to the most pleasurable sex – in every way – particularly in ‘circular sex,’ bring the very best in CBD lubricants into your inner circle is … well, a must!

We have found in “the cannabis and hemp capital of the world,” Colorado, USA, the perfect companion for your circular sex exploration.

We recommend that you add Cowgirl Sex Soss (sponsor) to your circle of best friends, sexually speaking. Longer, stronger, bigger, better orgasms; plus wetter, hotter, smoother, wilder sexual exploration … and it all comes in a beautiful bottle of sexual magic. It should be in your handbag and nightstand (buy two).


If your “walk on the wild side” opens up new physical vistas in your sexual romps, then Cowgirl Soss also offers natural, post-sex products for your health, wellness and quality of life – from sore muscles and better sleep to weight loss and … of course, great sex!

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

When you try it, we can almost guarantee you will be saying what the ‘fifty-something’ lady in the movie, When Harry Met Sally said, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

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