Fake orgasms are in decline but …

‘we’ve got a long way to go baby.’

(4 min)

“58% of women report faking orgasms but the vast majority, 67% (of the 58%), no longer do.”

Just do the math. 4-in-10 women are still faking and undermining the relationship and the sexual fulfillment – of both themselves and their partners.

The biggest single reason: Over half “decided not to talk about their sexual needs with their partner, despite wanting to do so.” The solution: Read, read, learn … and know what the fuck you’re talking about and open up some honest, direct and wonderful communications.

This article from PsychCentral, “Why Women Fake Orgasm – And Why Most No Longer Do” just might open up some frank discussions for you.

“Young women commonly engage in varied kinds of partnered sex for nearly a decade before they feel like their sexual pleasure matters to a partner—if they ever do.”


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