How wired are women for great sex?

The easy answer: It’s complicated.

(A must-read article – 25 minutes of incredibly worthwhile insight into female orgasms)

The title of this excellent article from Walrus magazine (great magazine) by @sarahbarmak is, Building a Better Female Orgasm, but it’s worthy of several alternative headlines:

  • Why aren’t women and their ‘junk’ on the same page?
  • You are not alone (over 50 million women struggle with unsatisfactory sex, everyday)
  • Why are there so many “wedges between women’s minds and bodies?”
  • Why are our “eyes wide shut” about orgasms?
  • Why does sexuality not matter to millions of women?

You get the idea.

Eyes Wide Shut

When it comes to understanding and exploring sex too many women approach their sex lives with “eyes wide shut.” If you’ve ever watched the 1999 movie, Eyes Wide Shut with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, you will get the idea of how bizarre it can be when you don’t know and understand every aspect of sex and your own sexual needs. The movie reveals a lot, literally, but nothing compared to the research that’s being done at Queen’s University in Canada an clearly explained in this article.

In case you missed the movie, Eyes Wide Shut, here’s trailer (59 secs). Sex scenes in movie much better.

Eyes and mind wide open

Cut and paste this article so you can reference it frequently. At least until you’ve found some of the answers you want. It is a treasure trove of sexual knowledge from the leading edge of publicly funded sexual research in Canada. In the USA, sexual research is being suppressed as “American universities are self-censoring sex ­studies for fear of ‘drawing the eye of Sauron.'” (i.e., right-wing and religious ignorance) according to Meredith Chivers. But not in Canada. Much of the research is being led by Chivers, director of the ­Sexuality and Gender Lab, or SageLab, at Queen’s ­University. It’s fascinating, informative and enlightening and just might set you on a whole new path to improving your sex life.

Women are hooked up (a new meaning for ‘hook up’) to the very latest in technology and Chivers and her team are able to see inside the whole-body phenomenon – from brain activity and genital functioning to mindfulness and low libido.

“More than half of women ­report some form of sexual complaint, from lack of interest in sex to pain during intercourse.”

Some of the explanation and discovery reveals how women’s minds and vulvas can be more in sync. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Let us say it again: This is a must-read!

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