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Ladies, need stress relief? Forget the gym, yoga, pilates, head for the bedroom

Release tension with these five relaxing, natural, stress-relieving sex positions

Stress is natural, so is sex, and they are often antithetical to each other. Too much stress, too little sex, especially good sex. And yet, done right, sex can be a great stress-relieving agent. More sex, less stress, just what the doctor ordered.

“Stress will create a huge mental block between you and your grand finale.” – Dr. Megan Stubbs

Dr. Megan Stubbs, sexologists, states, “Women are often guilty of saying, ‘I’m fine, everything’s fine!’ but left wondering why they can’t climax.” Too many women, too often, allow the quotidian routine to normalize stress, frustration, tension and exhaustion, thereby, robbing themselves of the pleasure they deserve, and need.

“Not tonight dear, I have a headache.”

What if sex was the antidote to the headache, the prescribed drug of choice to rid a woman of her stress? In this article, Dr. Stubbs prescribes five positions (with illustrations) that just might be the best medicine you ever take, “zapping stress while also delivering the big O.”

The positions aren’t new but the reason for them is. Just understanding the purpose will relax you – and your guy gets to be your personal doctor, pharmacist and psychologist. Sounds like one helluva booster shot for a relationship.

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