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Tantric sex can be a gateway to great sex [podcast]

This podcast from “The Quick & The Dirty,” with three sexually with-it women, provides wonderful insights into Tantric sex. And the 3,000-year-old philosophy and practices of Tantra could unlock a whole new world in your world of sex.

“Our sexual power is a wasted resource.” – Heidi Leoppky

The Quick & The Dirty with Hilary & Sandra is a popular Canadian podcast that explores the world of sex in many sessions and this one is one of the better ones. Anyone in a sexual relationship – that’s most of us – should invest the time (44 minutes) to listen to this great discussion.

“There is a whole land of feelings that tantric sex unlocks.” – Heidi Leoppky

Tantra specialist, Heidi Leoppky quotes Rumi, the 13th-century scholar and mystic as saying, ‘Beyond the space of right and wrong there is a space. I’ll meet you there.’ Heidi adds, “That’s what great love making is … Who cares what’s right and wrong, let’s sink into this moment and be there.”

“Sexual energy thrives in conditions of trust and intimacy.” – Heidi Leoppky

The ancient Hindu practice of Tantra means ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’ and is a form of slow, intimate sex that creates a mind-body and partner connection that leads to never-before sexual sensations – as in sensational sex. Apparently, Sting of The Police, a proponent of Tantric sex, has experienced 48-hour sexual union. We know he has made great music, now we know he has made great love.

“If you are going to get naked in your body, get naked in all of you.” – Heidi Leoppky

Tantric sex is ideal for anyone who wants to experience more, much more, in their sexual life and for those who may have, as Heidi calls them, “pain points” that are inhibiting their realization of sexual joy and fulfillment.

This podcast, and your sex life, is well worth your investment of time and exploration.

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Visit Heidi’s website to learn more about Tantra: shamayatantra.com

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