Sex in a chair. So many options!

Here are 19 of the “best chairs” to have sex in, ranked.


Sex in a chair on SNL might be a bit much for some of us but sex in a chair without being an exhibitionist can be great!

Here’s an article from Cosmo ranking the best chairs. We don’t agree with the ranking and some are damn near dangerous. But if you want to add some adventure to your sex life (who doesn’t and shouldn’t?), pick your sex chair – from the office and beach to the dentists office and a swing. We would add that the rocking chair should be without arms.

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A riding partner

Sex in a chair is a great ride. But some of these chairs and facsimiles of chairs (swings, car seats) require positions that are somewhere between awkward and downright dangerous so, if we might, we’d like to put a plug in for some much required wild ride “assistance” –a lubricant.

We reco one of the best, CBD.

Cowgirl Soss (sponsor) is a beautiful, natural, hand-crafted lube that will not only make your chair ride safer, it will be smoother, longer, stronger and … worth standing up and shouting, “Incredible!”

But before you ride, check out this wonderful – we say “magical” – Soss created by a brilliant, experienced, empowered cowgirl from Colorado, USA. She has dedicated her deep attachment to western independence, feminism and naturalism to building a company committed to improving women’s sex lives, health and well-being (and their cowboy’s).

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