40% of women do not create enough natural lubrication!

It’s one of 8 reasons you’re not orgasming.

First figure out why you’re not creating enough natural lubrication. It can be anything from too much stress to too little foreplay. Or medication. Or the wrong lubricant.

We’ve posted an article, 8 Reasons You’re Not Orgasming that can get you started in better understanding what your particular problem might be. Remember, you’re not alone, it afflicts almost half of women’s sex life.

We should add. You may want to try a natural CBD lube, which not only helps lubrication but increases arousal and orgasms. And we have found a great CBD lube from “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA.

Check out Cowgirl Sex Soss (sponsor), it just might be the answer to your quest for more lubrication and orgasms. Right now, you get 20% off your first order (code: SEX20).

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