Mother Nature loves sex and …

she can fix low libido, naturally!

Sex is good for our health and when we live more naturally we live better.

This means we should satisfy our sexual needs and desires the same way we treat hunger and thirst – as a necessity! We know there are foods that are good for our sexual appetite (see article: Lose weight, gain sex) but we might not be as aware of our sexy, libido-sensitive, olfactory organ – our nose.

The most primitive part of the brain, the limbic system deals with sex drive, hunger, and thirst.

Sense of smell is connected to the most primitive part of the brain, the limbic system that deals with sex drive, hunger, and thirst. Certain smells turn us on and Chinese medical tradition has, for centuries, incorporated food and natural oils into healthy sex lives.

Exploring Nature’s natural oils, herbs and smells can be a natural cure for low libido. Plus, millions of women are discovering the wonderful, libidinous benefits of CBD oils.

We’ve posted two sources for you to start your exploration of natural oils and smells that will not only increase your libido but greatly improve your sexual pleasure – from relaxation and comfort to arousal, wetness and magnificent orgasms.

Cowgirl Sex Soss

Reach out to Mother Nature

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From Cowgirl Soss (sponsor) read: Cannabis Strains for Enhancing Sex and Arousal in Women and Men (3 min) >> 

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