Great sex should never be a surprise …

at anytime, anywhere, any age. Never!

The reality is … too many women are having unsatisfying sex – about 54 million, everyday. Worldwide there are 120 million acts of sexual intercourse everyday and approximately 45% of those are unsatisfactory for the women. Unacceptable!

The reason that half of the sex we have is unsatisfying is because we women allow it. We don’t stand up and speak out for what we need and want. Hell, most of us don’t even know what we really want and deeply desire. Of course, it’s being able to talk about it with partners but we can’t  – and don’t – if we don’t know WTF we’re talking about.

Sexual ignorance is a deep, dark, silent place we hide in.

When we don’t know and understand the beautiful intricacies and mysteries of our sexuality (we’re all different), then we opt for silence. Then, if and when great sex comes our way, we are pleasantly surprised. Enough with the surprises, let’s create what we want and need as a regular part of a fulfilling sex life – for 70 or 80 years. Yes, octogenarians have wonderful, intimate, loving sex.

“Sex isn’t a vitamin and healthy sex isn’t automatic. There are massive gaps of knowledge and silent stigmas we must overcome.

We’ve posted an article that can help you learn how to turn once-in-a-while, surprise sex into all-the-time great sex. From @greatist,  How to Have Emotionally Healthy Sex — and Why That’s So Important, explains why quality over quantity is what matters and how to employ lots of talking, new sex toys, solo sex and “aftercare” to get what you need, want and deserve. No surprises.

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