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Stop chasing the orgasm …

try sex mediation [one woman’s story].


Irina Gonzalez, freelance writer for Glamour, wrote an intriguing story of her search for a better sex life through meditation. In her article (4 min read), she tells her story of sexual frustration, daily stress and a declining sex life with her husband.

“I don’t know a woman who hasn’t experienced this. The tyranny of to-do lists is real – nothing kills an orgasm quite like suddenly realizing you forgot to send an email.”

Like many, Irina did not have the “best relationship with meditation” but not wanting “to bid farewell to my orgasm forever,” she tried sex meditation with an app from a studio, Inscape. It worked. And on “day seven,” she brought her husband into her exploration and “Viola!”

“Mindfulness meditation techniques help couples become more aware and more attentive to emotional signals.” – Clarissa Silva, Behavioral scientist, relationship coach

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