Brush up on the “Dos-and-Don’ts” of sex toys

and know the 10 household items NOT to use during sex!

Here’s a must-read article if you’re into improvising with sex toys and sometimes grab something handy around the house.

Cucumber? Jalapeños? … Don’t!

The title of the article says it all: Wait, You Know Better Than to Use These 10 Household Items During Sex, Right? Plus there’s a top 10 list of the items that lead to ER visits … OMG! They are somewhere between extreme and stupid.

BTW, we add special caution in using any fruits and veggies. Suggestion: Sex toys are a great investment but make sure you buy quality.

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Sex toy’s best partner

Sex toys are marvelous sex partners and the “sexperimentation” is fun and fascinating. And shopping for, and using, sex toys can open up an endless dialogue between partners, something that isn’t easy for most of us. When shopping you can ask, “What’s that for?” Or ” Wonder what that would feel like?” The ensuing conversation can lead to explorations that are intimacy bonding experiences.

Cowgirl Sex Soss [sponsor]

To heighten even more the “experience,” we recommend every sex toy be partnered up with a CBD lubricant. Because the right CBD lube can take a great sex toy to a whole new level of arousal and adventure.

We’ve found one of the best CBD products in the “hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA. Cowgril Sex Soss (proud sponsor) should be in your nightstand right next to your toys. Hell, we guarantee there will be times when you never get to the toy because Sex Soss creates such wonderful waves of arousal that you reach the bliss of multiple orgasms before you can reach for your favorite toy.

Sex toys (the right ones) and CBD lubricants (Cowgirl Sex Soss is the right one) are a must-try combination if you’re into “sexperimentation.” Or if you want to pursue your favorite fantasies. Or just want the maximum comfort with the best orgasms.

If you want to ‘get off’ like never before, try Cowgirl Sex Soss. It’s magical! And you can get 20% off on your first order (code: SEX20). That’s a lot of gettin’ off for a small investment in improving your sex life.

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