‘Senior sex’ – we all get there and …

if we’re willing to learn, it can be as “good as it gets!”

Okay, okay … the Sex in the City girls aren’t there yet, but they’re getting there – and probably as curious and concerned as any women.

Sex is a lifelong journey – should be – and whether you’re 30 or 40 or 60 or 70+, if you’re willing to learn, the journey really can keep getting better. Ask Jane Fonda (83), Paulina Porizkova (56) and millions of other wonderful, sexy over-50 women.

In the interest of learning – and it’s never too late – we figure knowing a few new things about sex positions and techniques that can be very helpful. It’s some of the same positions (missionary, cowgirl, doggie) but with “age limitations” in mind.

The ol’body doesn’t bend like it used to but the mind can be more agile than ever.

Here’s a article from Bad Girl’s Bible, 9 Comfortable Senior Sex Positions & 8 Sex Techniques For Older Couples that’s worth reading whether you have arthritis at 60 or vaginal pain at 30. The tips and techniques range from pillows and lubes to sex toys and the “little blue pill.” And the illustrations are great (some of our fave from Bad Girl’s Bible).


“I wouldn’t have sex without it.”

Millions of Boomers and Gen-Xers (we call them “Sexoomers”), grew up knowing and enjoying the benefits of marijuana before-during-and-after sex, and today, as the “elder stateswomen and men” of sexual empowerment, sexoomers continue to embrace it. Especially as a CBD lubricant.

Natural CBD oils are like the Aladdin’s lamp of sex – sex in a bottle – and it’s as essential to sexual comfort and arousal (no matter your age) as any sex accessory you can imagine. We’ve discovered the award-winning, hand-crafted Cowgirl Soss (sponsor) in “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA.

“It’s as good as it gets,” and we recommend it for all sex, not just senior sex. Its power to enhance arousal, wetness, orgasms and pleasure in pre and post-coitus, makes it a must-have companion. Plus, Cowgiril Soss has a full range of CBD products for sexual pleasure and discomfort to weight loss and your pets. Yep, that’s right. Check them out!

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