Let’s talk the number of past sex partners.

Uh … no! Talking about past ‘lessons learned,’ sure. Numbers? No!

There is a right and wrong way to talk about a person’s sexual history and asking the number of sex partners is not one of them. Ever! Talking about past sexual experiences, if open and honest, can be beneficial but you have to know how to ask the right questions and what not to ask.

Here’s an excellent article from @InsideHook by @GigiEngle, Should We Talk About Our Sexual Pasts With a New Partner? The 6 minute read might save you hours, months, of fumbling through sexual exploration – and a whole lot of hurt – by knowing how best to approach this emotionally laden, most vulnerable topic.

“Vulnerability can be the sexiest thing on the planet”

They offer nine, open-ended example questions like, “What makes great sex for you?”Or, “What was your worst sexual experience and why?”

The must-not-violate rule is: Do not ask the number of sex partners. Ever!

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