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So tell me about the last time …

you had sex.

“You get to write the script … how you want sex to occur in action … and how you want to express it.”

If ever there was a case where the ‘book is better than the movie (there’s no movie, yet),’ this is it. The bonus is, your “sex script” can be better than both the book and the movie. And you and your sex partner get to write it.

Dr. Ian Kerner, bestselling author of She Comes First and Passionista (it’s all about him – we mean all) has another bestseller: So Tell Me About the Last Time You Had Sex: Laying Bare and Learning to Repair Love Lives. A must read!

‘The devil is in the details’ – the devilish, down and dirty details of what we really want and need in our sexual relationships. And what we most often do not get. Because we never share our true desires with our partners.

Sex is an art and a science and none of us are very good at the art or science of sex. But Ian Kerner has develop a wonderful way to create, actually recreate, our sex story, our needs, and how to share everything with our partner. Create a “sex script.”

Write your story about what you desire, what’s working, what’s not and what you need your partner too understand. The book is chock full of most of the sexual problems we experience, along with stories and tips and homework.

“Reflect upon the sex you’ve had, and also to dream of the sex you have yet to have.” – Ian Kerner

If this doesn’t move you to change your story of sex for the better, nothing will. Buy it, read it and write a brand new bestseller about your sex life – for a readership of two. BTW, it is a fact, that reading and writing about sex can significantly improve your sex life (74% more) so imagine what writing your own sex script might do.

The promise is in the last sentence of the book when Kerner writes, “So tell me about the next time you’re going to have sex.”

“From breaking out of a sex rut to managing mismatched libidos, Ian Kerner is at the forefront of giving us fresh sexy solutions to classic sex problems.”—Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity

And if you haven’t read Kerner’s other two bestsellers (see Passionista book review), we highly recommend them.










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