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Getting a Master’s Degree in Sex starts …

with these easy lessons in “cliteracy”

(less than 2 min read)

“The most crucial action needed to orgasm with a partner is to get the same type of stimulation you use when pleasuring yourself.”

Sex is not rocket science but if women want to have orgasms that put them ‘over the moon,’ they better be “cliterate.” And this is the easiest textbook you will ever read – and a lot more fun than a Dick and Jane Reader.

This wonderful book is engorged with information just waiting to be taken in by every woman who wants to be a sexy, magnificent lover, not to mention a blissfully, sexually fulfilled woman.

It’s a can’t-put-it-down read from cover to cover, but you can hop around the chapters that you want to get the most from. Chapter 4, “Let’s Look Under The Hood” is not only a marvelous pun but opens up “the road map to having orgasms.”

This book is a prerequisite to getting a master’s degree in female orgasms and the ‘lab and field work’ is far superior to anything we ever took in school, ranging from anatomy and stimulation to explaining the G-spot and the beauty of the pelvic floor.

Mintz also emphasizes the oft heard refrain that what’s between a woman’s ears has a lot to do with what happens between her legs. She talks about sexual mindfulness and says, “Mindfulness means having your mind full of only what’s in front of you, not other junk.” Research shows that this is one of greatest barriers a woman’s orgasm.

“If you sometimes feel lost on the way to your orgasm, Becoming Cliterate is the map (and the cheering section) you need to find your way. Grounded in research and packed with real-world tips, readers will thank Mintz for her truth-telling.” – Dorion Solot, co-author Love Female Orgasm.

We also appreciated her providing some clarity on the G-spot. In one of her illustrations (she includes many), she  indicates that the “G-spot isn’t labeled. This is because it isn’t actually a specific thing that can be seen. In fact, the G-spot isn’t a spot on the vaginal wall at all—it’s an area that can be felt … Many scientists now call this area the clitoris-urethra-vagina (CUV) complex.”

If you want to be “cliterate” (who doesn’t?) and elevate your sex life to new ecstasies then this book is a must-read!

“No two women get off sexually in exactly the same way. Every woman needs to explore what she likes—and a partner won’t know what this is without being told.”

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