Low libido and insomnia … Be gone!

Women’s alert: Great sex and a good-night’s sleep are possible.

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 46% of women agree that a good-night’s sleep is better than sex.”

Research has shown that there are too many nights that almost half of women are having to make a terrible choice: To have sex or get a good-night’s sleep. How is it possible that sex and sleep become a choice between the lesser of two evils. It’s so wrong. And not necessary. Both should be natural, wonderful options available to every woman, any night she wants.

It’s not only possible, it’s highly probable.

Homeostasis can be defined as ‘preserving constancy in the internal environment’.

Our mind and body need “homeostasis” and yet, we ignore this essential prerequisite to a good-night’s sleep and pleasurable sex. We just keep allowing the stress to disrupt our lives without knowing how to better manage our stress hormones and provide our “internal environment” with a state of homeostasis. But we can certainly learn enough to set ourselves up for success without delving into the whole biology and science of homeostasis.

“Research reports 68 percent of people said CBD improved their sex life.”

We’ve posted an excellent introductory article from @instylemagazineVerified, Here’s How CBD Can Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life that explains how the wonders of CBD create homeostasis.

The “green boom” and legalization of cannabis and the use of CBD topicals (in Canada and many US states) has led to dramatic improvements in women’s overall health and well-being, and nowhere has it been more important than in fighting the dynamic-duo of stress related problems: Low libido and insomnia.

Colorado, USA is often called “the hemp and cannabis capital of the world” and leads the way in bringing this marvelous, natural ‘cure’ into the mainstream. BTW, it is thought that cannabis as a medicinal supplement was first used in Ancient Rome, circa 750 B.C.E. So, one, it’s a proven natural cure for many ailments and, two, it’s not a big leap to realize why today’s research is showing benefits for women in everything from sexual pleasure and deep sleep to sore muscles and our pet’s well-being.

Yep, dog’s love it. And what’s more important than our pet’s happiness? … Right after improving our own sex and sleeping (maybe before).

We have discovered a firm based in Colorado that is leading the way in developing a full range of CBD products – “Sosses ” – that offer women a wonderful opportunity to explore the possibilities of introducing more balance and harmony to their body’s homeostasis. Cowgirl Soss (sponsor) is creating natural, hand-crafted, award-winning CBD products that help you better manage the constancy in your ‘internal environment.’

“CBD increases the serum concentration of an endocannabinoid neurotransmitter called anandamide, which is closely associated with oxytocin, known as the ‘cuddle chemical,’ ‘hug hormone,’ ‘love hormone,’ or ‘moral molecule.'” – Dr. Robert Flannery

If you’re having trouble in either the sleep or sex ‘department,’ we highly recommend you try both the Cowgirl Sex Soss and the P.M. Soss. Right now at Cowgirl Soss you can get 20% off your first order (code:SEX20).

Discover the pleasure – “the joy, bliss, delight” – of these marvelous Sosses.

The etymology of the word ‘anandamide’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ananda,’ which translates to ‘joy, bliss, delight’” (sounds very kama sutra-esque). “This might give some insight as to what it can do.” – Dr. Robert Flannery

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Reader alert: CBD as a trusted, sexual companion is also featured in our upcoming ebook, The Best of Orgasms (publishing March 1, 2022)

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