What are men so afraid of? You’d be surprised – or not!

Their “fear” tells you more than anything else – and should make you fearful

(2 min read / 9 min video)

“Immature men scare easily. … they are terrified of relationships. They run for the hills.”

Fear manifests itself as insecurity and insecurity is a flashing red light: “Stop.” “Get out.” You be the one to disappear before he does. Because he will, sooner or later, guaranteed.

Brian Nox (his pen name), has a ton of insight and advice and this book, along with others he has written, looks right into the eyes and “souls” of men – something many women could use a little help with. In this book, he talks about the “types” of men to consider – good and bad, mainly bad – and how to see who they really are. In Chapter Seven, he defines “The Prince,” The King” and “The Adventurer.” Obviously, every woman wants a “King” and should be looking for one. The others, beware. And he tells you why.

“Dating a prince can be exciting, but it might not give you a very stable relationship.”

He delves into men’s fears and one of the biggest, the fear of commitment. He admits he himself has “serious commitment issues” (most of us do) and works on them everyday with his girlfriend but states emphatically, no woman should put up with a man’s fear of commitment. But non-commitment isn’t the same as needing total freedom. Good guys want and need some freedoms, whether it’s the freedom to play golf or watch football or a night with the boys, but they don’t need all of these. If he can’t find a middle road with you, run. He warns against getting caught up in what a guy says rather than what he actually does and measuring his action over a reasonable period of time. There’s an old maxim that applies: “Watch his feet, not his mouth.”

“Men are big kids. It’s sometimes easier to use some reverse psychology, just as you would while raising a rebellious three-year old.”

One of the best insights is: “Change your inner-self, your understanding and behavior.” This is more about you than him. You can’t change him, chjange the way you see men and you will be far better off with what man you end up with. This is supplemented with: “Always be prepared to walk away when your guy or the relationship is not giving you what you want or deserve.”

He states that “there’s an abundance of great men out there,” and even though this may be a bit of an over statement (as opposed to “men are big kids,” “immature,” etc.), it still should be the guiding principle for every woman: Don’t settle for anything less than a great man, a “King.”

Well worth 9 minutes of your time

Brian Nox has numerous videos and this one covers a lot of the same subject matter as his book, Are You Scaring Him Away?


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