Sex toys & your clitoris … constant companions?

They should be! After you have your first penis you should buy your first sex toy. Or before.

Discovering the magnificence of the clitoris is still one of history’s long-standing, unsolved mysteries. Caught somewhere between shame, ignorance and denial.

The structure of the clitoris may only have been fully understood recently (1998) and yet, women’s clitoral pleasure is still too often ignored – by both penis and vulva owners. Of course, sex toys are as old as sex (in some crude form) and yet today too many women still hesitate to introduce these magical companions into their sex lives. Although more and more of us are taking things (toys) into our own hands and soaring beyond the joys of the finger and penis.

It’s estimated that 65% of women own a sex toy. That means hundreds of millions do not.

If you’re among the millions who haven’t yet indulged in the pleasures of sex toys, we think you should consider it. Explore it. We just read a few down-and-dirty, quick stories (11 tales, less 1 min each) about sex toys, as told by Dame employees (might be a little bias) but they just might help get you ‘sexperimenting’ in a sexual activity that the majority of women consider an absolute necessity.

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Two more things

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, after a while everything begins to look like a nail.”

To rephrase this old saw about a hammer, “If the only tool you have is a penis, after a while everything begins to feel like a hammer.” Or something like that. Whatever, we highly recommend two accessories to complement your sex toys.


1) Knowledge: Knowledge is a sex toy and it transforms sex into love-making, which is a skill. And every skill needs knowledge, understanding and practice. As we always say, “You can read, watch, listen your way to a better sex life.” For example: Get a copy of our ebook, The Best of Orgasms (free until Mar. 31, 2022). From the hundreds of articles we’ve posted, we’ve selected the best 10 articles on orgasms, including a TEDx Talk, a podcast and audio article. Coming soon (April 2022), The Best of Oral Sex.

2) Lubrication: 40% of women do not naturally create enough lubrication and this is an unwanted and unnecessary impediment to pleasure. And to releasing your ‘inner wild.’ We’ve found a cowgirl in the “hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, who’s helping  sexually empowered women with their ‘sexploration’ and lubrication. Cowgirl Sex Soss (sponsor) is a hand-crafted, natural CBD lubricant – did we mention award-winning? – that you should definitely take on your next cowgirl ride (or missionary or doggie). She will empower your inner cowgirl like … well, words can’t possibly describe it, you’ll just have to try her.

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