Sex games – stop playing mind games and …

get into playing some hot sexy games!

Sex sure as hell is no damn game and yet too many of us play it as a “mind game.” Don’t. Instead get yourself one of these 13 board games and your sex life may never be bored again.

As in any game, the more you know the better you are, whether it’s Jeopardy, Monopoly (see Monogamy: A Hot Affair with Your Partner) or tennis (see movie, King Richard about Serena and Venus Williams).

Sex games open up adventurous conversations, get you laughing your way through taboos, and unlock stuck-in-your-throat desires.

Read this article from Cosmo by @hanaflanagan: 13 Sexy Board Games That’ll Add Some ~Spice~ to Your Next Date Night.

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Play sex games but don’t gamble!

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