Run Wonder Women … run! The sex is better!

Running improves sexual performance – more frequency, arousal, orgasms.

If you want to be “Wonder Woman” in the bedroom you might want to trade the negligee and slippers for track shorts and Nikes.

An experienced physician, marathon runner and author, Dr. Juliet McGratten says, “Running is a journey of discovery. Not just of running routes and new places but of your own human body.” We paraphrase for sex: “Sex is a journey of discovery. Not just of fucking routines and new positions but of your own human body.” We call it “sexploration.”

Together sex and running can lift your life to new heights. And if you can’t run, then jog, walk … exercise any way you can. We know we’re supposed to. And we also know how tough it is to stick with it. But if we know how it’s going to stimulate our sex life maybe we’ll be more stimulated to run.

Juliet McGratten has written a book about it, Run Well, and we’ve posted her article in Outside, Will Running Make Me Better at Sex? It answers questions like:

A little bit of reading just might get you up and running – in both of the beautiful journeys of sex and exercise.

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No pain, no gain. No Soss, no relief

If you’re going to run or engage in any exercise, we can recommend some special soss for any of your post-workout aches and pains. Millions are discovering the relief that natural CBD infused oils can bring to tired, stressed muscles and we discovered Cowgirl Soss (sponsor) in the “hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA.

Sore Soss is just one of the natural, hand-crafted products developed by the founders of Cowgirl Soss as part of  their dedication to the new frontiers of  health and wellness. Sore Soss is a CBD oil that eases discomfort in your muscles and joints and it is one of the most potent (500 milligrams) CBD oils on the market.

If you’re into exercise and ‘sexercise,’ then Sore Soss and Sex Soss should be in your gym bag and nightstand.

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