Do you care if he’s divorced? Shouldn’t!

A divorced man can come with significant benefits!

It might seem counterintuitive but a divorced man might be a great catch. Of course there are caveats but a woman should not dismiss dating a divorced man simply because he’s divorced.

“Life-changing events like divorce take courage, and the right person will find that admirable.” – Jade Bianca

There are many benefits and values that come with a man who already understands ‘commitment’ and what it takes to honor commitments, and has the courage and maturity required to “know when to fold them’ and to work through the tough times of moving on.

We’ve posted an excellent article from @insidehook by @Kay_Kibbe: Why Being Divorced Can Actually Help Your Dating Life.

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“Marriage can keep you in a shell.”

Living proof

We know a couple – a cowgirl and cowboy – who are living proof of the axiom, “It’s better the second time around.” Divorce can provide a second-chance to build a stronger foundation as “hard-working, busy parents of five children, a dog, cat and seven chickens … and a thriving new business.

Tonya and Paul said, “Our lives started over after leaving unfulfilling marriages of 20+ years, and finding happiness in a new relationship together.”

Check out Tonya and Paul’s story and their success in remarriage and as co-founders of a thriving CBD business in Colorado, USA.

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