Sex furniture … shop ’til you drop!

Great sex, great bargains. It’s Xmas, Black Friday & Valentine’s rolled into one!

Decorating your home with sex furniture, whether it’s a bachelorette apartment or a McMansion, can be the ultimate shopping trip for any woman who loves great sex and a great bargain.

Tantra Chair

The options are endless.

We’ve posted an article to show you the range of options: 12 Types of Sex Furniture: From Ordinary to Extraordinary. It’s by Liz Klinger, Co-founder of Lioness Vibrators and she’s picked a fascinating range of pieces to spark both your decorating and sexual imagination – from the ultimate Tantra chair and an oral sex stool (our favorite) to massage candles, canopy beds and coffee table cages – yep!

Take a peek. It’s like browsing an online catalogue before shopping.

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