What does a vagina taste like? Short answer …

A vagina

“A healthy vulva tastes like a healthy vulva.”

Everyone is different and if it’s healthy it’s deliciously perfect. And it changes all the time. It might be sweet or sour, metallic or bitter, salty or sharp. It might even have faint hints of what you had for dinner.

Read more about what it may taste like, why it might change, and what you can do if the taste or smell seems off. As Dr. Jen Gunter says in her book, The Vagina Bible, “It’s a self-cleaning oven.” True. But you need to read the manual, and updates, on “oven maintenance.”

We’ve posted an excellent article from Healthline, What Does a Vagina Taste Like?

As an owner it’s important you know everything you can to guarantee the good health and well-being of your vulva.

We’ve also posted an article about the taste of a vagina visitor, semen. Because it’s important to know for your oral sex preferences.

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