How do you get the sexual excitement back?

Slapping? Spanking? Watching porn? Being vulnerable?

“Sexual boredom is common but not inevitable.” – Dr. Ian Kerner

Rekindling your sex life takes a little effort, a good dose of knowledge and some loving understanding. Especially an understanding of the “eight components of magnificent sex.”

Here’s an article and a TEDX Talk that just might kick-start and renew the excitement, adventure and arousal you desire.

Both the TEDx Talk and article feature bestselling author, Dr. Ian Kerner. For Psyche he has written an excellent article, How to get the excitement back. And his TEDx Talk is well worth watching. And check out his books: Tell Me About the Last Time You Had Sex (see book review) and She Comes First. We  highly recommend both, plus Passionista, which is all about men (see book review).

The article includes how to learn the “eight components of magnificent sex” from Peggy Kleinplatz, a sex researcher and co-author of Magnificent Sex – another must-read!

👉🏿 Read article – well worth the time invested (20 min) >>

👉🏼 Watch TEDx Talk (11:34) >>

Add to the excitement – naturally!

While enjoying your renewed sexual excitement and sexploration, you can also enjoy the comfort, arousal and naturalness of CBD infused Cowgirl Sex Soss (sponsor).

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