Admit it: “I don’t know how to give a great hand job …’

And you’re not alone, most women don’t.

We’re talking great, not average. But not to worry. A little bit of knowledge, a little bit of communications (before, during and after) and a little bit of practice … and Voilà! You’ll be a hands-down favorite.

9 tips and techniques

Here are 9 tips and techniques from MasterClass that can make you a great hands-on lover.

“We should talk about sex like we do the weather … Overcast with a chance of orgasm.” – Dr. Emily Morse

You will also ‘meet’ Dr. Emily Morse, a MasterClass instructor who teaches sex and communications. And we’ve posted a great Youtube video with Emily (see below – 29 min) that breaks down many barriers, taboos and opens up new frontiers in sex communications – and practices.

Read the article, Hand Job Tips: How to Give a Great Hand Job (3 min) >>

Tip #2

“Use lube: Most sex acts benefit from lubrication and a hand job is no exception. Lube reduces friction and increases pleasure. Apply lube to your partner’s penis at the beginning of the hand job, and keep extra lube on hand—you’ll almost always want to reapply.

Be natural. Go natural


The best is a natural CBD lube. And we’ve discovered one of the best in the “hemp and cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA.

Cowgirl Sex Soss (sponsor) is exploring new frontiers in health, fitness and sexual well-being and Sex Soss is created an d crafted to release your inner cowgirl and give your cowboy the ride of his sex life.

Check it out before your next hand job ‘sexperiment.” It’s a naturally hand-crafted, award-winning lubricant that should be a hands-on partner in every hand job. And you can get 20% off your first order (code: SEX20) >>

Hand jobs can and should be a beautiful, intimate, loving part of your sex life and they deserve the best – your best!

Dr. Emily Morse: “Communication is Lubrication”

Speaking of lubrication, here’s a great talk by Emily Morse (29 min). Well worth watching. Time well invested.

Emily opens her talk with an admission that resonates with millions of women: “I’ve had a lot of really bad sex … I actually don’t know where to start.”

“One guy … it was kind over before it started, if you know what I mean.”

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