Read more sex, have more sex …

Women who read erotica have 74% more sex.

So much about sex is illogical, disrespectful and destructive – to ourselves, our partner and the relationship – and yet, we do so little to change this debilitating state of affairs. That is why it requires a huge rethink. And there’s no time like the present to get started.

We should be able to talk about sex like the weather. “Sunny and warm, orgasms in the forecast.” – Dr. Emily Morse

We want to encourage all women to learn how to talk more about sex and dedicate a little more effort to their own sexual health, well-being and fulfillment. And our recommendation, is simple: Read more about sex.

Couples who read together, stay together.

Sex has a lot to do with the health of the relationship and reading has a lot to do with the health of the sex. It all makes sense. And the research confirms it.

Reading provides you with knowledge, insight, inspiration, imagination and arousal. What’s not to like? And you can do it almost anywhere – curled up on the couch, riding on the bus, lying in bed. And you can do it together. Form a sex book club for two – talk about quality time together. It’s far better than watching movies or porn because they’re fake, shallow and done too soon (sound familiar?). But a book can stay right there next to you on your nightstand, always available for reference, review and a sexy refresh.

Read more, have more!

Suggestion: Just browse the shelves in the Love & Sexcess Bookstore (just looking has its benefits). And check out our many book reviews. You will get an idea as to the incredible treasure trove of sex that awaits you, at your finger tips. Just bring your fantasies and imagination.

Think about!

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