Foreplay is the braille of sexual mind reading

and it’s a requirement, not just a suggestion

“There’s a huge sexual sandbox.”– Dr. Emily Morse

Watch this 2 minute video with your partner and start communicating about lifting your sexual foreplay to intimate new levels. It can open up your sexual sandbox to wondrous, wild and wanton new levels.

“We need intimacy,” says Emily Morse and foreplay is the key to unlocking our deepest desires. Because our partners are not mind readers. Foreplay is the braille system of sex communications.


And if your inclined to sexplore more, we’ve posted an article from @mindbodygreen by @kesienaaboom, 30 Ideas to Spice Up Sexual Foreplay, From Erotic to Romantic. You might love #10. “Break out some ice cubes.” Or #14. “Nipple Clamps.”

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